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Jamal Bryant the New Tupac?

Posted by Nicole Jocleen on January 1, 2015 at 5:35 PM

We’ve been looking for Tupac in all the wrong places. Why? We’ve only been looking in hip hop. It makes sense that the next great thug rapper would be a rapper. If so, than why can’t we find him? It’s been almost 20 years since his death placing him in his mid-40s had he lived. We have seen many of the greats musically reincarnated. Is Beyoncé the new Diana Ross? Is Gaga the new Madonna? Is J Hud the new Whitney Houston? Is Justin Bieber the new Michael Jackson? What about Rihanna, is she the new Janet Jackson? I’m speaking more on perception than talent replication. Still, after 20 years it seems like at least traces of another Tupac would have surfaced. Maybe it has and we just didn’t notice. We were looking for a rapper. There are rappers that resemble parts of Tupac. They are either straight conscious or straight thug. That’s the problem, Tupac was never one way. Hip Hop fans that remember Tupac well also know that he was way more than just a thug, rapper, musician, poet, or actor. He was an activist.

Let’s start there.

There is only one person that I can think of that is not afraid to speak the truth about love, life, and race relations. Only one person comes to mind when I think of someone who refuses to bite their tongue. One person, that couldn’t care less how we felt about whatever they have to say. That person is Dr. Jamal Bryant. Dr. Jamal Bryant? Yes, not only do the two share Baltimore upbringings, but they also have parents who clearly influenced their path. It’s known that Tupac is the son of former Black Panther, Afeni Shakur and that Jamal is the son of AME Bishop John Bryant. I guess our influences really do start at home. Teachers have been trying to tell parents that for years, but that’s another blog.

Maybe Jamal Bryant isn’t necessarily the next Tupac. Maybe he is just Tupac all grown up? Think about it.


Check out the video. The proof is in the pudding.

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