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Posted by Nicole Jocleen on February 7, 2015 at 2:25 PM

This poem is about the disconnect between the black man and the black woman.

Photo credit: Chelsea Taylor


by Nicole Jocleen

Clearly, there is a disconnect

I didn’t see this coming

Cause there was a time when all you knew was me

Now I’m treated by a distant cousin

That you love according to your words

But your actions rarely confirm

What did I do to make you hate me?

Is my newest concern

Why are you so hard on me?

I’m hard enough on myself

Your disdain is so contagious

That I have even begun to alter myself

You are so high and mighty these days

And of course I know that you are wrong

I would never let anyone know it though

My love for you is way too strong

Remember when I fought with you

And proudly raised my fist

I know things have progressed since then

But please let’s not forget

What about when I raised our children

When you were killed just for being black

Those times were so hard

It’s a wonder my heart didn’t crack

Remember when I nursed your wounds

Ol’ Massa could be so cruel

I guess we did what we had to do

I think that’s when I lost you

You never forgave me for leaving the slave quarters

And sleeping in massa’s bed

I didn’t want to I promise

If I’d denied him he would have killed me instead

I didn’t know what else to do

And it seems like ever since then

All I’ve been is a hoe, slut, and a joke to you

I’ve tried to ease your mind about it

I’ve tried so hard

But I guess some wounds won't heal away.

Slavery’s permanent scar

© 2015

Nicole Jocleen

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