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Posted by Nicole Jocleen on May 8, 2018 at 10:25 PM

Kanye West recent tweets in favor of Donald Trump and about slavery have a lot of black people wondering, “What happened to Kanye?” What happened to the hip hop icon that wasn’t afraid to speak up for his people no matter the cost? What happened to the resilient rapper that survived a car crash and the loss of his mother all while being in the public eye? And who is this overbearing, opinionated star that we see today. In the words of Iyanla Vanzant, we have to “deal with the devastation” that Kanye West is the celebrity that we’ve allowed him to be.

We applauded him in 2005 when he interrupted NBC Universal’s “A Concert for Hurricane Relief” to inform the world that President Bush did not care about black people. It was the truth, right? We validated him when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to inform the audience that Beyoncé, not Taylor, was deserving of the award for Best Female Video. In hindsight it was less about Beyoncé and more about creating a “Kanye moment.” But he was sticking up for Beyoncé so who could be mad at that, right? We understood him in 2008 when he punked the Grammys into stopping the background music so that he could finish his thank yous right after the passing of this mother. He was going through a lot. Let the man talk!

But with all of our efforts to applaud, validate, and understand him did we in turn create a monster? Is this similar to a mother giving a child everything he wants, always making excuses for his bad behavior, but when the child disrespects his own mother she can’t for the life of her understand why? Did we spoil Kanye? Did we allow him to get away with too much?

Kanye’s been referred to as bipolar, narcissistic, and plain crazy. But if Kanye’s crazy now, then he been crazy. Ask yourself when did Kanye change? I mean there was a time when his voice changed, but when did Kanye’s personality change? In my opinion, it never did. We did. Kanye’s message has changed but his godlike persona has always been there. His new opinions are a reflection of his new environment, just like his old opinions were a reflection of this old environment. People’s mind change all the time. That’s expected. I’m not bothered by what Kanye has to say. I’m bothered by the way he goes about saying it. But that’s always been Kanye. The difference is that he’s directing his opinions toward the “woke” generation who is fresh out of Wakanda and they not having it! A lot has happened since 2005 Kanye. Who would have thought it would have come to this? I know who…Bizzle. Bizzle called it back in 2011. I never thought I would say this but damn; Bizzle was right.


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